Linen Spray Refill - 64oz plastic



Aroma can be a powerful communicator.  It can evoke fond childhood memories of love and safety, it can also enhance our mood, provide relaxation, and so much more. 

Our Natural Linen Spray is a wonderful way to bring the power of aromatherapy into your everyday life.  Lavender on your pillowcases, Lemongrass on your kitchen towels and Rose anywhere you want a light floral scent.  Or try one of our rotating seasonal scents to keep you in tune with the natural world.

Our linen spray is a wonderfully interactive product, so we provide a tester with your first case.  You will often see customers spraying the tester, taking a whiff, and smiling with delight.

This is a 64 oz refill intended to be sold as a compliment our linen spray bottles or to be used by spas or B&Bs who want to provide their guests with an experience that goes a step above. 

Please note: Whispering Willow's bulk products are sold for use in refilleries, spas, salons, B&Bs, restaurants, etc or to be resold as-is. They are not intended to be repackaged, modified, or relabeled for resale. If you are interested in private label, please contact us for the details of our in-house program.  Thank you for your understanding!


Suggested Retail: $40

Net Weight - 64 oz

Case Pack - each

Ingredients: water, witch hazel extract, essential oil


Cruelty free

Natural & Organic

USA Made