Solid Dish Soap Refills

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Solid Dish Soap Refills


For the cleanest dishes

If you've been looking for a natural dish soap that can last you a long time, look no further.

Whispering Willow's solid dish soap is made with a blend of plant-based ingredients and essential oils, so it's not only plastic-free, but also smells great and cleans dishes beautifully.  These refills fit inside our ramekin.  Sell with a short or long handled dish brush.

To use: Wet a dish brush and rub over the dish soap until some suds form.  Apply the soapy brush to the dishes.  Rinse dishes well when done.  

Arrives boxed. Available in Lavender and Lemon. Net weight 4.5oz/each.

Two refills per box. 

MSRP $22.00

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, organic castor oil, citric acid, organic essential oil

Cruelty free

Self Care

Natural & Organic

USA Made