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Foster's Durham

A few weekends ago, Wayne and I headed to Raleigh for the Handmade Market.  We lived in Durham for a short period, so the area is fairly familiar to us.  When it came time to choose where to eat breakfast, there was no arguing - we went to Foster's Market in Durham.

Fosters has been around for 20+ years and is fairly well-known.  Since it is in a slightly out-of-the-way area, you have to know it's there to find it, but it is definitely worth the trip.  Everything they serve is made in house.  Think country-style comfort food, but with an upscale twist.  Their menu is impressive.

They have a full coffee and smoothie bar that includes a selection of items to take home.

Coffee & Tea at Fosters

The food menus are on chalkboards hanging from the ceiling.  Wayne and I shared a breakfast burrito that was scrumptious.  We were there quite early and they were just filling the bakery case when we arrived, so we gave them a bit to finish up.  We ended up taking a huge piece of crumb cake with us - yum!

Foster's Durham

The second food case is just to the right of the picture above and includes casseroles, salads, and other goodies.  Great take home items for later.

Foster's Market also includes large retail section.  There are chocolates, candies, jams, jellies, and sauces galore.

Products Galore

Not only is the food wonderful, but the whole place has a gorgeous rustic feeling to it.  You can tell that everything was carefully chosen to match the aesthetic.  The beautiful wood floors tied with the barn lighting make the whole place feel like you are at an old country store.

After wandering a bit, we tried decided to find a place to sit.  We were so early, that there were no shortages of seats.  It's a rare thing - trust me.  There are seats in front of the register and off the main area here:

Places to Sit

As well as in a room off the main building that already had a few early morning takers.

A place to sit

It was still slightly too cold to sit outside.  Otherwise, Foster's amazing porch is my preferred location.


I intended to stop on the way out and take a picture of the sign and the front of the building (more seating here!), but was pleasently surprised to find one of the Foster's folk harvesting some rosemary.  How amazing is that?

Foster's - Clipping Rosemary

If you find yourself in the Durham area, I would highly suggest a visit to this lovely restaurant.


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