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Spring Is In The Air

After a bitterly cold December and January, February here in NC has been unusually warm.  As a result we hove Crocuses and Hyacinths poking their heads up, our neighbor's Dogwood and Bradford Pear trees are blooming and every morning we are awakened by birdsong.  It seems all of nature is coming alive.

As I've carved out some time in the past week to mow the yard, mulch flower beds and freshen our potted plants it has me reflecting, as nature always does, on the essentials of life.  As I've watched the trees and flowers shake off their slumber I notice they give no thought to the year before.  They are not pondering the beauty of their buds from the previous Spring, the flowers of a former Summer or the Fall foliage of yesteryear.  


 As I've gone about my routine I've begun to notice so many things that I've held onto that are just not part of my daily / weekly / monthly routine.  Things I haven't looked at or picked up in years.  Whether it's the books that I read in college, clothes from 15 lbs ago (yes, that's the right number) or various bath & body products that we've purchased over time (we've gotta see what the competition is up to) I have so much that I can purge from the nooks and crannies of our life.

So as I watch flowers and trees, the birds and the rest of nature's busy bodies go about their business I have resolved to join them in shrugging off last year's wilted flowers, fallen leaves and old skin.  I will embrace each moment in all it's simplicity and brilliance and I will carry with me only that which is essential.

May you also be inspired by nature's awakening as it unfolds around you.





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