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Seasonal Scent ~ Sugar & Spice

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year with cooling temperatures, colorful leaves and the sense that all of Nature is slowly exhaling after the intensity of Summer.  I also love the flavor and aroma of the season with Chai lattes, Autumn squash soup, and pumpkin spice everything being treasured treats in these cooling months.   

Another Autumnal treat for us is making our Sugar & Spice bar soap.  This has become something of a ritual for us over the years.  We start with our rich and moisturizing soap recipe and add a blend of orange and clove essential oils and top it off with a pinch of cinnamon.  The resulting scent evokes memories of cool Autumn evenings, long walks on rustling leaves and holiday's spent around the table with friends and family.

This year, we are excited to offer the Sugar & Spice scent to our popular hand soap.  With the power of natural oils, our Sugar & Spice hand soap will cleanse and moisturize while providing a pleasant reminder that Fall has arrived.

What do you love about Autumn?  We'd love to hear your stories about this peaceful time of year.

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