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Retreat 2023 - Escape to Black Mountain

One of the many challenges we face as business owners is making time to sit down and plan for the future of our little business.  You would think since we are a husband and wife team and are always together this would be easy.  Nope!  A discussion about packaging or product development can quickly turn into a discussion about getting the dog to the groomer, updating the grocery list, or figuring out when we'll finish a project around the house. 

We've found the best way for us to focus on the business and do some serious planning is to just get away.  This year, we rented a house in Cheshire Village near Black Mountain, NC.    

 Black Mountain, Lake Tomahawk, Seven Sisters Mountains

Our routine included sleeping in, walks with the pup, a couple hours of work in the afternoon, another walk, and then dinner.  Honorable dining mentions include: Little Sprout Carry Out, Mac's Burgers & Cheesesteaks, and Sake Sushi.

Walking with our dog Wilma in Black Mountain, NC.

We had a lot to accomplish and managed to get through most of it.  Of course, getting through meant making plans for a lot of work in the coming months but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and we took those first steps on our little retreat.

The broad strokes of the changes that you will see upcoming include:

  • New fabric pattern/s for our neck and eye pillows,
  • A new container and packaging for our linen spray
  • New packaging for our body oil
  • A new recipe and packaging for our liquid hand soap and body wash
  • An update of our gift box line

Work retreat Black Mountain, NC

To be honest, it's a lot...but it's also pretty exciting.  Being able to get away and focus on work without the interruptions of work and life was great.  We returned home focused and well-rested and loving Black Mountain even more.

Black Mountain, NC

We will keep you posted as we near completion on some of these projects.  Until then, be kind to yourself and those around you.

Be Well,


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