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New Seasonal Scent: Rosemary & Lemon

With Spring coming to an end and Summer right around the corner, we are excited to announce our new Seasonal Scent: Rosemary & Lemon.  This new blend is intended to reflect the lightness and clarity of a warm, sunny day. 

Whispering Willow: Lemons

The woody, evergreen scent of Rosemary brings calm and comfort while providing alertness and acuity.  The clean, citrus aroma of Lemon provides positive energy that enhances your mood.  The result of this unique blend leaves you relaxed and aware with a generous and accepting spirit.

As with our previous Seasonal Scent, we will be offering Rosemary & Lemon in our bar soap, hand soap, body oil, hand & cuticle salve, and linen spray. Rosemary & Lemon items will be available for purchase from May through August.

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