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New Seasonal Scent - Basil & Bergamot

One of our favorite parts of Summer is the bounty of fresh herbs and produce we get to enjoy and nothing says Summer like the sweet, peppery flavor of basil. Whether we are crushing it to make a fresh pesto, tossing it with tomatoes and mozzarella for a caprese salad or tucking it into our Thai inspired fresh rolls we can't get enough of those amazing little leaves.

The scent of fresh basil was an inspiration for our Basil & Bergamot hand soap.

With this in mind, we decided to make Basil the foundation of our first Seasonal Scent.  The challenge was finding an essential oil that would pair nicely and enhance the base scent without distracting from that signature basil aroma.  We decided to go with Bergamot as we discovered it provides a fresh light citrus scent that nicely balances the spicy balsamic elements of the basil.  

The fresh citrus scent of bergamot provides a nice balance to the spicy basil elements in our basil & bergamot soap.

We were acquainted with bergamot as Julia is an avid tea drinker and loves a nice cuppa Earl Grey.  We enjoyed learning that bergamot grows on a dwarf variety of the Seville orange tree.  The fragrant essential oil that we use is derived from the rind of the fruit which has a lime green color.

The combination of basil & bergamot provides a pleasantly sweet and spicy scent with a hint of balsamic and filled with the essence of summer.  We are offering this scent exclusively in our line of hand soaps including our 8oz pump15oz pump, and 64oz refill.  




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