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A New Partner: Laurel Hill Farm

Recently, we started searching for a new partner from whom we could source goat milk for our Goat Milk Lavender Soap Bars.  They are ever popular and we were hoping to find someone local.  We could not be more excited to share that we officially partnered with Laurel Hill Farm and Preserve which is just 20 minutes from us! 

Laurel Hill Farm and Preserve is a 240 acre property that is home to goats, bees, chickens, some amazing livestock guardian dogs, and a friendly (!) turkey. Amy & her family oversee the property and care for the animals with help from Kassi who also runs her flower business, Kindness Flowers

To say the farm is picturesque is an understatement.  Amy is the nicest human ever and she is surrounded by such a gorgeous space and animals that are clearly adored. 

Laurel Hill Farm : Rooster

Laurel Hill Farm : Chicken Coop

When we arrived to pick up our milk, she asked us if we wanted to meet the animals.  Of course, we agreed!  

 Laurel Hill Farm : Goats  

     Laurel Hill Farm : Julia & A Goat

Laurel Hill Farm : Julia & Wayne and Goats

We're not sure you can tell how much we are giggling in all these pictures, but our faces hurt from laughing so much. 

We loved the goats, but the picture of the day was definitely this one: 

Laurel Hill Farm : Julia & Wayne and a Turkey

When we set up the appointment to pick up goat milk, we never thought that holding a TURKEY was in our future! 

We had a great time.  We came home with lots of goat milk, some amazing goat cheese, gorgeous flowers, eggs, and a relationship with a wonderful new partner.

Now when you pick up a Goat Milk Lavender Bar to pair with any of our lavender goodies, you'll know the exact source of the goat milk and that the goats that share their milk with us are well loved and enjoying a good life. 

Be well,

Julia & Wayne


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