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Belle Terre had an incredibly busy weekend.  On Friday we hopped in the car and drove to Cary to paticipate in Spring Daze.  This was the 18th year for the festival, but the first time that we attended.  The festival itself was held at Fred G. Bond Metro Park on Saturday and the weather (thankfully) turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.

We were up early (I really mean it....not just Julia early....early 4:30am) to head to the park and set up.  Here's the booth when we were done:

To give you an idea of just how pretty the park was, I wandered around a took a few pictures.  The booths meandered down walking trails.  In between craft vendor sections there were organization booths.  Who knew that Cary had a Caligraphy club?

Spring Daze also included an Earth Day section which had a display of painted rain barrels and tons of information about the Town of Cary's green initiatives.  It was pretty impressive.

Somewhat randomly (for me at least), I ran into a few pirates.  I imagine there was an explanation, but rather than seeking it out (and ruining the fun), I giggled a bit and took a few pictures.

We spent a good bit of the day visiting with our lovely neighbors - Donna of Illuminated Designs and her husband.  Donna creates stunning stained glass pieces.

We would have taken one home had we not had an overally full car that would have likely led to broken glass in the end.

I always enjoy seeing how others set up their booths.  Some are simple, others are extravagant.  Many are just beautiful.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Fiddler Forge - gorgeous hand-forged garden decor

Redman Pottery - love the colors

I adored these birdhouses from Home Tweet Homes....

and these baskets from Apple Creek Trading Co...

Cute ceramic flowers from Creative Works (she had owls too!)

I loved the set up SSD Jewelry earthy
This shows only a smattering of the artists....there were 180 (!!) in all.  We enjoyed the show although it was quite a bit of driving for us.  We'll be back that way again in August for Lazy Daze.

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  • chui ying
    May 06, 2011

    hi, just a question, where do you find out about the events like these? i work weekends most of the time so it’s pretty depressing when i don’t get to go to events like these and yard sales and flea markets. :(

  • belleterre
    May 06, 2011

    If you’re persistent in searching the internet, you can find quite a few. I usually search for indie craft fair, or craft festival. Another great (and maybe easier) way is to find a couple local artists you really like and keep up with them on facebook/their blog/their mailing list. Most will announce their festivals as they are accepted and if you like their work, you’ll probably like the work of others who attend the same events as well. Supportive {friendly} stalking is encouraged by most crafters. Good luck!

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