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Ashley at the Muse Fest

Muse Fest was held this past weekend in Rock Hill, SC.  It was a fairly small event compared to what we've attended in past, but it was tons of fun.  Ashley and the crew that put it on did an amazing job.  There were craft vendors (of course), bands, food trucks, a photo booth, a film screening, and tons of free stuff.  Who knew South Carolina was this cool?

The event itself was held inside an older gorgeous building downtown Rock Hill. In honor of the festival, Ashley et al had decorated with pink.  Everywhere.  Even the sign telling us the elevator wasn't working was pink.  It definitely draws attention!

Elevator Out of Order

On the 2nd floor of the building is a small art gallery/shop called Gallery Up and the craft market was held just down the hall.  The event started on Thursday night with a VIP reception.  I wasn't able to attend, but Wayne returned home raving about how nice everyone was and how much he enjoyed the cupcakes.  :)

I took over on Friday.  It was a fairly slow morning, so I had lots of time to take pictures and chat with fellow vendors.  Below is a selection of the booths at the show.  All the booths (except ours) can be viewed on Flickr.  It is definitely worth a gander as they were so many talented artists at the show.  You can also find links to each artists' shop on Muse Fest's page.  (Not sure how I managed to skip a photo of our booth....oh well.)

I was excited when I arrived to see Whittler's Roost and Phoenix Fire Studios - both of whom I remember from the Big Crafty.

Whittler's Roost

Phoenix Fire Studios

I was totally fascinated by Eclectic Orchid's booth.  She obviously put tons of time and energy into the design.  It paid off as she was one of the vendor booth winners.

Booth Design

Another amazing booth belonged to Bounden Studio.  Jessica's books are amazing.  I was admiring them early in the show and was even more impressed to find out that the covers are all salvaged materials - including one that was made out of their old couch.  Talk about an unexpected second life!

Bounden Studio

How adorable are these hats?  They are hand made by Bryanna Smith.  Throughout the event I saw several very excited children sporting one of these.  They look SO adorable on.

Owl Hats

Another fun booth was the Cordial Churchman.  Andy and his wife create bow ties and other stylish accessories.

The Cordial Churchman

I must mention that we had some of the best neighbors.  Fiona Miller was wonderfully nice.  She is trained in archecture and enjoys drawing buildings - some local, some European, all lovely.

Fiona Miller's Paintings

She was kind enough to watch the booth for me a few times when I wandered off in search of food or just to stretch my legs a bit and she helped a few customers.  Not only that, but her parents were visiting from England and I had the best time talking to them!

Fiona Miller and Family

Friday night there was a film screening that included Handmade Nation.  I wish I could have stayed to see it, but my bed was calling to me.

Saturday was the big day.   The photo booth was running all day, the food trucks arrived (both Maki Taco & The Herban Legend)...

Food Truck at Muse Fest

...Shakespeare and Company performed...

shakespeare company

...and I had a chance to visit with lots of new customers and a few favorites from Atherton.

Before leaving on Sunday, I took advantage and did some shopping of my own.  I love trading.  In a good trade, everyone wins.  I ended up with several pairs of earrings, a few books, and some pencils.

For us the event was definitely a success.  We hope to participate again and are excited to see what the amazing folks at Gallery Up dream up for next year.

Comments (5)

  • Julia
    October 29, 2011

    Thanks Teresa! :)

  • Teresa
    October 28, 2011

    Looks like fun! Wanted to add – a picture exists!


  • Zan
    October 26, 2011

    Wow! Thanks Belle Terre! Great write up and thanks for sharing the love . . .

  • Paul Peterson
    October 26, 2011

    Hi Julia,

    Just wanted to drop a line and say what a pleasure it was spending time with you guys at Muse Fest. If all vendors were as informative and downright nice as you, this venture would be worth it even if we never made a dime. We look forward to seeing you guys in Atlanta.


  • Julia
    October 26, 2011

    You are so kind! We loved visiting with everyone at Muse Fest so much. Atlanta will be here before we know it!

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