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Recently we completed a series of interview questions and were asked to name five things we love.  It was a much harder question than I expected.  It's so easy to pick things we love, but how do you narrow it down to just five?!?  So, I thought I'd interject our normal posts with a quick list of things we love (Oprah style!):

~being alive~


~our dogs (holli, maude, cassie, sparky)~

~our bees (too many to name)~

~selling soap at farmers markets and festivals~

~ our garden ~

~ our six acre little piece of heaven ~

~the smell of lavender~

~(almost all) things french~

~the first organic sugar snap pea eaten right off the vine~

~the first organic tomato (most often eaten by the dogs) ~

~rosetta's kitchen (asheville, nc)~

~lan vang (charlotte, nc)~

~sage cafe (chapel hill, nc) ~

~ the quietness of the country~

~the thought of becoming as self-sufficient as possible~

~our customers (of course!)~


What do you love?

(our favorite answer will receive a soap & lip balm gift set!)

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  • Lisa@pobox607
    April 10, 2011

    that is a wonderful question, that I would love to answer. I love {in no particular order}…
    *pancakes on the weekend
    *coffee with cream
    *running on the california coastal trail
    *a live bluegrass show
    *sharing a bottle of wine with my boyfriend
    *socks and chocolate in the mail from mom
    *eating veggie tacos at our local taqueria {Tres Amigos} with lots of avocado and a bottle of coke.
    *gnocchi from scratch
    *receiving a letter or postcard in the mail from a far away friend.
    *the early morning
    *visiting new places {and returning to those places I will always call home}
    *splashing in mud puddles
    *new and old music on my record player
    *learning something new

  • Sarah Mendenhall
    April 10, 2011

    I love God
    My family
    My cats
    the sunshine

  • Naomi Mac Millan
    April 10, 2011

    I love the way my legs tingle after I’ve gone hiking.
    I love having my apartment filled with the people I love.
    I love putting food in people’s bellies.
    I love when my boyfriend sings " If you want my body" to cheer me up.
    I love missing the characters of a really good book.
    I love planting in the garden with my students.

  • Ernie
    April 10, 2011

    I Love God,
    I Love my beautiful wife,
    I Love my kids,
    I Love being with my family,
    I Love going home to my family,
    I Love giving,
    I Love, loving,
    I Love the South
    I Love nice sunny day
    I Love sharing with people about the Lord,
    I Love seeing my kids grow.
    I Love life!

  • Donna
    April 10, 2011

    smell of coffee

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