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On Sunday Wayne and I took time away to visit the Southern Christmas show and check out some of the booths.  It was a TON of walking.  My goodness.  The booths never seem to end.  We ran into some folk we knew and chatted a bit and met some lovely vendors.  Below are some pictures I shot along the way.

Chara works in Tanzania on malaria prevention and education.   We purchased a gorgeous wooden carved frame.

They also had some lovely pillow covers that I would have purchased if I were not aware that Sparky would take that as a shredable chew toy.

I loved something about this tree....

And, as always, I am strangely drawn to iron work.

And another tree.  Sensing a theme?

This gentleman had a gorgeous wood mantle to display his wares.

We're hopeful that next year we'll be posting pictures of our booth!    :)


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