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We've had an incredibly busy month!  We've been running between the farmers market downtown, the emporium, talking to various retail stores, and prepping for Christmas in the Valley.

We were thankful to have help from my lovely parents who participated in a wrapping party to ensure we were able to have all our holiday scents ready in time.

Looks like fun huh? :)

On to the show....Wayne posted some pics of the booth, but I was so very happy with it and wanted to add just a few more:

Here's Wayne eagerly awaiting customers...

And mom who was kind enough to come and assist me while Wayne was at the Farmers Market.

The show had tons of entertainment scheduled including the mandatory early visit with Santa, an amazingly whistler from Hickory (Phyllis Heil) and the Clater Kaye Productions (below).

One act Wayne and I both enjoyed was Christian Ingle.  He plays the guitar and piano and his music was wonderfully soothing and relaxing.  Plus, he's cute.  And that never hurts.

Sadly, Wayne was at the market when the Humane Society put on the Parade of Pets.  I tried to take lots of pictures to share later, but the lighting was slightly strange.  I attached a few (sorry for the quality).  You'll have to trust me that it was really, really cute.  All of the dogs were in an outfit or costume and many did tricks while on stage.  Adorable.  Almost make me want another one....almost....

As we've experienced at other shows, when not talking to customers you spend tons and tons of time interacting with your neighbors.  Having good people around you makes all the difference.  We were quite lucky at this show in that we were surrounded with fantastic (and fun!) people.

Amanda and Company at The Bead Boutique were across from us and had a beautiful booth design.  I bought one of her neck wraps in purple (or course) and can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it.

The WINOS (Women In Need of Sanity) ladies were next to us.  Bonnie et al were a bit crazy...but much fun.  You can tell they have a good time doing what they're doing.  :)

And Ron with CapTel (NC Relay) was across the way as well with his trusty dog that was wonderfully patient through the many, many hours of sitting through the show.

Wayne also visited with the lovely ladies from Natura Pet Products...

...and of course with the Humane Society.  After which he promptly suggested we needed another dog.

The best part of the show was (of course) our customers.  We met all kinds of lovely people who let us talk to them incessantly about what we do and why we do it.   We thank each one of you for your support.


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