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The Grand Opening of the Union Square Emporium was Friday and everything went splendidly.  It was a big day for us and many other vendors who are officially opening our very first stores.  There were tons of free goodies, giveaways, and people milling about.

Here's a video from WBTV where Sam explains his goals for the location:

Here's some pictures from the big day:

Pictures of our booth

Grand Opening Pictures

Update: video from the Grand Opening:

Many thanks to everyone who came out to visit!

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  • sabre
    October 03, 2010

    Great pictures. I have been to a couple of places similar to this in Charlotte and Cary. Looks like a great venue for a small business that can operate even when you are not there. Wayne looked so cute, but where is the picture of you.

  • belleterre
    October 03, 2010

    As the designated picture-taker I get to avoid being in most of them. :)

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