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I adore antique stores.  Not the fancy, schmancy ones, but the ones that have moderately priced stuff scattered about.  I was quite excited to find that not only have Hickory recently acquired one of these lovely shops, this one is all hand picked and very well designed.  Everything inside is reclaimed or re purposed - a shop after my heart.  A big, warm welcome to Warehouse 2120.

When you first enter, there is a lovely display of personal items.  I was disappointed to see that someone got their soap in before Belle Terre, but I still admire the layout.

This chair was too cute.  I didn't get a shot of the back because there were too many people milling about, but it has a large flower on it.

These lights were quite fun - I think I'd like to have a set when we built our house.

There was a itsy bitsy child's table and chair set sitting on top of a table.  I bought one of the little chairs to use in our craft fair display to hold the chalkboard with our prices.   They would also make adorable plant stands.

I liked this light display:

Every nook and cranny holds something to be admired.

I love the old maps on the wall - so fun.

I've been back once since and was excited to note that their inventory is constantly changing.  They were bringing in new items as we were wandering through.  This will have to be somewhere I visit on a regular basis just to droll over all her lovely finds.  Hickory is officially moving up in the world.  :)


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