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As promised, I wanted to post a quick update to the land.  I mentioned before that I had concerns about the fertility as we weren't seeing much growth.  I was SO wrong.  We visited over the July fourth weekend as a family outing.  My sister from DC, her boyfriend, my other sister, her fiance, Wayne, my dad, and I all drove up to see how things looked.  It was the first visit for my sisters and their significant others.  My mom stayed behind to ensure dinner would be ready for us upon our return.

Everything has grown tremendously.  Even with Wayne's persistent use of his scythe, the grass remains and threatens to take over.   Here we are upon arrival:

And walking up to the top of the property.

Wayne and Dad took a seat in the Adirondack chairs we bought just for sitting and enjoying the space.

While they talked, the rest of us took some time to snap a couple pictures.  Here's my sister, her fiancée, and their dog Vada.

And here is the sisters shot.  Could we look any less related?

The land was just as gorgeous as I remembered it and Wayne and I had a lovely time filling everyone in on our plans.  It was refreshing and reassuring to see the lushness.

Juxtapose the picture above against my first post about the land.  The difference is just extraordinary.

Next up?  We're shed building in just a few weeks.  We took the easy route and bought a kit, but I hope to document the process all the same.

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  • sabre
    July 18, 2010

    Have you seen any deer or bears?

  • belleterre
    July 18, 2010

    Last time Wayne and I were there, we were sitting and talking in the chairs at the top of the property and watched two deer lope by behind us.

    Wayne has also seen several wild turkeys.

    The neighbor across the street said he recently had a bear and a cub living on his property, but a hunter got them. He suggested we put up private property and no hunting signs.

    The bear will make it especially interesting for our bee yard. We’ll likely need electric fencing.

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